Our Process

Our Collaborative Process:

During the initial client consultation, we gather information for an initial product outline.  We discuss product shapes, sizes, quantity, color pallet, packaging, branding, and artwork.

During the design process, prototypes are created for client presentation.  Clients can choose from a variety of our standard shapes and sizes or choose to have us design a custom product.   We design the prototypes based on client specifications and provide a client presentation prior to production.  The timeframe for the design process can generally run between 2 to 4 weeks. 

During the production process, we create the products based on our client specifications.  Production time is dependent on quantity but can generally run between 8 and 10 weeks. 

Finally, products are packaged and shipped to our clients.

Our Production Process:

Once an order is placed, the production process resembles the following:

  1. Clay is prepared per project specifications.
  2. Pieces are created individually by our team of artisans.
  3. Pieces are dried to a leather hard state which allows for handling, carving, and stamping depending on project specifications.
  4. Handles, logos, and other details are applied to leather hard pieces.
  5. Pieces are inspected, cleaned, and allowed to dry to a bone dry state.
  6. Bone dry pieces are fired to bisque.
  7. Bisque pieces are glazed to client specifications and allowed to dry.
  8. Glazed bisque pieces are loaded and fired in a gas kiln.
  9. Finished pieces are inspected for quality, packaged, and shipped or delivered to clients.

Production Timeline:

We strive to hit our estimated production times however working with clay is an organic process and production times may vary considerably.  We cannot rush the process and although we’ll always do our very best to accommodate our clients timeline requests, it’s not always possible. 

Change Requests:

We can only accommodate change requests if we haven’t started the production process.  Add ons, color changes, etc. must be communicated to us as soon as possible and we’ll do what we can to accommodate the request.  Please note that any changes to an order will add to the production timeline.