Our Team

Our team is everything and each of us has a special skill set that makes it all happen.  There's a ton of science, variables, guess work, and magic involved in all of the processes and our people are always optimistic even when things don't necessarily work out as planned.  

Judy Nelson
Jessica Thesing
Avery Morgan
Kezia Nakagawa
Matt Raue

Special Thanks To:
Claire Cullinane
Ed Hagman
Brandon Fuller
Roger Holtan
Jon Harper
Nathan Thesing
Rory McCarthy
Joe Cottone
Michaela Oktay
Roman Schoewe
Clay Liston

Judy Nelson & Joe Cottone (Mother, Son, & pups)

Joe Cottone does all the jobs, even the not so fun ones. He busts out plaster, sands ware-boards, and then hops on the computer to help with social media...we can't thank him enough!

Nathan & Jessica Thesing

Nathan is always quick to jump in. He helps edit blog posts, builds lots of useful things for the shop, and is always smiling!

The Team

These people are the very best! This work requires tons of hard work, dedication, and years learning the craft. A special thanks to Avery Morgan who shows up everyday and does her very best to make all of our mugs beautiful!

The Dogs

The studio would not function without the constant entertainment from the dogs!